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Melanie Stead

Executive Manager.

Sydney Team.

Melanie Stead - Property Investors

Surrounding Melanie Stead.
As a real estate agent, helping people meet their objectives makes my career most meaningful and fulfilling.

I am passionate about helping them achieve financial security and freedom, learn about innovative strategies, and create generational wealth for their family.

I love helping my clients and educating them on how they can begin investing in the property market, while paying their mortgage off sooner.

Prior to my real estate career as a property strategist, I worked in many industries helping tailor products and services to clients’ needs, building relationships, and following through to the completion of projects.

I have recognized strengths in excellent customer service, organizational, time management, analytical, and problem-solving skills. The experience further gives me an edge in bringing a client-centred approach to the real estate process tailored to their financial goals.

Working for property investors, a company with high expectations for all associated with them drives me to wake up early every morning and give my all.

I have aligned myself with highly talented and successful agents within the company, from whom my clients benefit when need be.

As a single parent, I have perfected balancing duty and family. Never one to take no for an answer, I am always willing to go the extra mile and create a memorable experience for my clients.

I love to know my clients put their trust in me and that I helped them build highly successful investment portfolios tailored to their needs. It excites me that they didn’t know the process would be so easy, and they have learned so much.

Guided by the adage, “if I am to achieve, it is up to me,” I work hard to earn my reputation, knowledge, experience, and the right to be your go-to real estate agent.

My ultimate goal is to make your home ownership experience as personal and welcoming as possible.

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