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Borrowing can be a source of innovation. Not concern.

Purchase options.

With rising property values each quarter, many people and families are rightly disappointed and dismayed at the lack of impact their career income is having on their ability to invest in the market.

They have come to the view that the time they invest in their career each week, and championed in frugal lifestyle choices each year, is not helping them build wealth for the future.

They also believe that all the accounting efficiencies have been wrung from their income. Further savings is simply out of the question, and they are not sure of what to do next.

It is this wealth building quandary that we fill with purchase options where our applied skills and experience can propose ways of obtaining an investment property with the income you have right now.

What makes you unique becomes the source of unique ways to borrow funds to invest in property. Our team will take the time to get to know you, your unique circumstance, and your unique needs. You will once again believe that borrowing can indeed be a source of innovation. Some of the possible purchase options are listed below.

Using tax bills. To create new income.
Using negative gearing. To create positive cashflow.
Using superannuation. To fund deposit and mortgage.
Using current equity. To fund part of the purchase.
Using leverage. From rental income.
Using borrowings. To reduce payable tax.
Using borrowing interest. As tax deductions.

The common attitude that purchasing a property for investment is beyond most people and families has roots with the minimum effort offerings of old style big banks. They took the one-product-fits-all approach. In past years they could make their numbers without the extra effort of actually getting to know their client, being involved in just compliance and not outcomes, and selling only the most generic of mortgages.

Our portfolio of lenders includes many specialists with unique offerings that we match to the unique needs of our clients. We still use big banks if their offering suits, but there are many other choices.

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