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Australia's Best Property Investment Areas

Strong Growth in Major Capital Cities

With rental yields for houses declining in Sydney and Melbourne, property investors are casting their eyes across properties with decent returns.

Whether you're looking for capital gains over a number of years, or you want to increase your passive income with sound rental yield, we provide a sound assessment of your options for investing in properties in each of the major capital cities.

By understanding your specific goals, we'll help you determine the most appropriate suburbs or regions to concentrate your search.

Buying an investment property in Brisbane

Savvy investors, with a finger on the pulse, have been eyeing the Brisbane property market as the next major growth opportunity in Australia.

...and there's plenty of evidence to suggest they might just be right.

Brisbane sports a wonderful lifestyle with so much growth.

Both property investors and owner-occupiers are rejoicing at the current state of the Brisbane market.

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Best areas for Property Investment in Melbourne

The Melbourne property investment market continues to record stronger metropolitan capital growth than its capital city rivals because of a higher number of new residents arriving from interstate and overseas than anywhere in the nation.

Melbourne property investment levels boast an exceptional period of price growth, and with the ever increasing population growth rate it continues to be a good time to invest in the Melbourne property market.

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Perth - a property investment bargain?

Perth's property investment market has proven to be an excellent way of keeping inflation at bay.

You don’t have to be a seasoned property investor or own multiple properties to invest in property. First time home buyers can also own investment properties in Perth.

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Sydney Property Investment - solid performance for the astute investor

Sydney boasts the greatest housing price increase of any Australian city by a substantial margin.

The CBD will play host to about 55,000 new homes by 2031 making it one of the best prospects for a long term strategy.

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Property Investment & Wealth Creation

The property investment choices available to you will partly depend on where you are in the lifecycle of investment.

Whether you are just starting to think about your financial goals, consolidating your wealth or moving into the last stages of investing, your circumstances will have a large effect on your investment behaviour.

Take early investments for example. A young couple leaving the nest can afford to take more risks in investing in property and bear a heavier load in repayments. For such investors, a few years of belt-tightening will pay off in the future.

Middle-term or end of term investors are more likely to opt for more balanced risks in investment properties, looking to grow their nest egg, or maintain their wealth via property income.

Look at the sections below for advice that most like you in your current situation.

Property Investment for Beginners & First-time Investors

Dipping your toes into the world of property investment? Whether you’re buying your own home or planning to rent it out, there’s much more to your first property purchase than any other purchase in your life.

Visit this section for advice on managing the financial factors, the legalities, and deciding on which property to buy when you're just starting out on the property buying ladder.


Property Investment for Retirees

Property is a solid investment for the future. Most people rely on their own homes and superannuation to fund their retirement hopes, but is this really enough?

With retirement becoming a longer stage of life these days, retirement savings have to be managed even more carefully. A property portfolio is a smart way to grow wealth for a long richly rewarding retirement lifestyle.


Wealth Creation for the Perfect Lifestyle?

When it comes to investments, there is no natural end-point. If you are looking to maintain your lifestyle, you need to look to investments that provide an income, rather than just security for some distant future.

"Living the life" with a property portfolio takes attitude – and an aim for success. Wealth creation for a better life now, as well as in the future, gives you more choices in life - every step of the way.


About Property Investors

At Property Investors, our goal is to provide you with options for your future. We create diverse property portfolios that maximise the potential of your investments, and secure your financial health. Our experienced team has the in-depth knowledge and research to help you with buying investment properties and to provide you with the best high potential property investment options the Australian property market has to offer.



Knowing the value of your property investment is difficult if you’re unaware of the terminology used. Not only is it hard to navigate through the initial processes if you don’t understand the language, it’s impossible to safeguard your interests.

Use this section of our website to begin building your knowledge base for property investment. Here you’ll find definitions of basic terms, and guides to help you get to know the world of using property for financial growth.


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