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Achieve financial freedom. Property investor strategies with Australia's #1 property investment team.

For many, building a passive income and that financial freedom property investment affords remains a dream.

It is absolutely possible to achieve this but the effort that is needed to get prepared – all the background developer checks, suburb research, organising finance, not to mention the legals – make it near impossible for far too many.

They’re missing out as a result.

Your life is almost certainly already busy and you likely don’t have the time to put in the research that’s really needed to win in property investment.

A lack of time should never be an excuse for missing out on the potential. Especially when that potential is aligned to your goals and chosen financial path.

Take aim. Successful property portfolios starts with a vision and the desire to single-mindedly commit to an investment growth strategy.

You cannot overstate the important of having clear goals and basing your strategy on what you can afford and how much of a passive income you’ll need to actually support your current and future lifestyles.

We will help you develop the strategy that will take you from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be.

At Property Investors, we follow a straightforward, proven process that gets you from initial meeting to presentation of suitable investment properties in six simple steps.

Often times, we negotiate directly with developers to get wholesale discounted properties for our members. In many cases, we have physically been to the area and understand the area very well and this particular project.

When we’re ready present our recommendations, pretty much all the due diligence has been done. 

You’ll have complete confidence that all of most common risks with investing in property (as well as some of the not-so-common) have be eliminated one-by-one.

The growth potential of all properties we present are very real.

Our properties will have rental yields that are among the highest in the market. We also frequently negotiate with rental management companies in the local area to actually guarantee our rent as well.

By doing this we can be sure that the risks of property investing can be eliminated one-by-one.

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