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Gary Gilmore

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Gold Coast Team.

Gary Gilmore - Property Investors

Surrounding Gary Gilmore.
I am a licensed real estate agent passionate about helping people who have a goal and need to follow my guidance, especially those who want to create wealth through property investment.

My wife and I have always had an interest in property since purchasing our first property when we were 23 years of age, and I love sharing our experience and inspiring confidence in others.

A career in real estate investment has allowed me the freedom to express creativity and to work with clients to develop one-of-a-kind experiences making my life complete and adventure filled.
Working with the youth conferencing and leadership since 19 helped me develop excellent leadership skills and analytical thinking and learn to socialize and form profound and candid relationships with people. This work, though, was done after work and without pay, nurtured in me a love for young people and prepared me for service, as I helped them in the way they should go, especially with their goals and dreams.

With 40 years of experience as a licensed electrical contractor in QLD, I have built a strong reputation for my keen appreciation of clients’ needs, commitment to meeting them, and pursuit of excellence in service delivery.

My experience in real estate has helped me firmly understand that no two people’s real estate journey is the same, and there is no one size fits all approach. I have learned that customer service and how you make people feel is the key to a long and prosperous career in the industry.

Though with an impressive amount of experience under my belt, being practical, raring enough to help others, and above all else, natural in how I go about my job makes me stand out. I am reputable for being honest about my care and presenting the client with what I said I would.

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