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Steve Hill

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As a property investment specialist, Steve Hill is passionate about everything property, from sales work to being able to find different strategies to help investors. He understands the financial and emotional aspects of investing in real estate.

Steve offers a wide range of high-quality services for all levels of investors, from beginners to those with 10 or more properties. His ultimate goal is to enable people to make life-changing decisions.

Before joining real estate, Steve worked as a financial planner for 25 years at a major Australian Financial Planning firm and was their national sales champion in 1997, 2000, and 2004. While there, he developed unmatched client care and an eye for detail.

Besides his professional experience, his educational background in property, real estate, and Real Estate and Financial Planning equipped him with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. He leverages his distinctive professional expertise and knowledge to develop and execute value-creation strategies that guarantee the highest standard of excellence.

Steve has hands-on experience owning 15 investment and residential properties and understands real estate beyond buying and selling. He has mastered the ins and outs of the industry and the maxims of optimising return on investments. Steve has learned to quickly identify what makes a property unique and how best to leverage it, and he knows what it takes to turn ideas into reality.

His achievements in real estate investment drive his genuine desire to help others. He treasures and considers the opportunity to impart this feeling of empowerment to other people a job well done.

Steve’s hard work and efficient sales skills are met with a personable and positive approach that is the heart of his business. Endlessly caring and detail-oriented, clients are attracted to his honesty and integrity. If you are looking to improve your life financially through real estate investment, you may rest assured that he has your back when he is by your side and treats you like family.

Get ready to listen and learn as he helps you leave your comfort zone.

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