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Moe Momand

Executive Manager.

Narellan Team.

Surrounding Moe Momand.
Driven by the ambition to change people’s lives and create a legacy in the real estate industry, I am determined to deliver resounding success for buyers and sellers of real estate property.

I love working with people who understand that time is money, are hungry to create wealth, and have a vision and goals for their future. I am committed to providing them with superior real estate services that leave a smile on their faces.

With a Bachelor of Business majoring in property, my solid educational background has equipped me with transferable skills and knowledge in finance, pricing, valuation, and streamlining operations to spur business growth.

As a property coach, property strategist, and certified property manager/asset manager, I have an intrinsic understanding of the property market cycle and extensive knowledge of the property sector at a macro level.

Besides my knowledge and expertise, my professionalism, outgoing personality, and high sense of humour make me stand out. With over a decade of experience in real estate, I have distinguished myself with sharp business acumen and almost intuitive knowledge of profitable investments.

I work closely with real estate investors in educating, guiding, and advising them on structuring their financial transactions to build their portfolios and boost profitability.

A strong team player, I have aligned myself with property investors to help offer my clients the best services. My competency lies in being very thorough and organised when working on a deal, always making every effort to get the deal done. My ultimate goal is to be your one-stop shop for all your real estate investment needs.

I am a motorsports and water sports enthusiast and love the gym and international travel, exploring the world and different cultures.

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