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Jason Foote

Strategic Officer.

Corporate Team.

Jason Foote - Property Investors

Surrounding Jason Foote.
Jason Foote is known for always keeping his clients’ best interests at heart. He has a track record for matching the right people with suitable homes and investments and has gained a reputation for being a true partner in the home-buying process. 

While keeping in mind the expediency in which good properties are selling in today’s market, Jason makes sure his clients always feel comfortable and that they are not rushed into buying something that is not what they truly want.

Jason started investing in property in 1996 and was introduced to real estate through the lens of residential constructions and developed an interest in the home-buying process. 

With a specific strategy, he built a considerable portfolio within 12 months of working under his first mentor. Jason learned and appreciated the benefits of walking the real estate journey with a professional, a role he proudly plays today with unmatched enthusiasm.

Driven and competitive, Jason’s attitude allows him to thrive in the up-and-coming local market. A fierce advocate for his clients, he is determined to get them the best deals using his comprehensive knowledge of the area and sharp negotiation skills. At the same time, Jason exudes warmth. Endlessly caring, responsive, and approachable, clients are attracted to his compassion and integrity.

Organised and detail-oriented, he is a reliable resource who is always willing to walk his clients through any processes and assuage any concerns that may arise. 

He has been one of the many speakers at business and investment and continued to present at events nationally with headline speakers like Mark Bouris, Robert Kiyosaki, Jordan Belfort, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, and Donald Trump.

In his free time, you can find Jason meditating, doing strict daily gym, dieting, reading books, writing, and being social with a large friendship group. His passion is always to help people.

It is still the most satisfying thing he has done in his life. After 27 years, he redefined the definition of a millionaire in his mind to be “a millionaire is to help a million people, even in the smallest way”. There is no greater feeling than seeing the growth of anyone at any age.

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