In a world that embraces mediocrity. Our team is rather special.

Team profile.

If you are working in a valued position, as a valued member of a team, you will know how special that can feel. You naturally want to work on high quality outcomes, and the whole team just does amazing things for clients. That is what we have here.

Our senior management team fosters such an environment, and has purposely chosen outstanding team members. Each team member has gone through a detailed selection process focussed on talent, skill, qualifications, and an endearing personality.

With just a little reading of our corporate approach here you would rightly assume that our team has an outward focus on clients and their property investments, not an inward focus on just ticking items off as done.

Our unique process of research to purchase means that each team member is multi-skilled, ably guiding their client through each of our six steps. They are all self-motivated. Each is developing their own career under their control. We do not employ a human resource manager. Each is in turn guided and supported by a senior team member for each state. You are invited to call the senior team member in your state and learn more firsthand. A listing is below.

New South Wales.

Randwick Team.
Ms Georgia Kondos. Mobile +61 (0) 480 026 389.

Bankstown Team.
Ms Melanie Stead. Mobile +61 (0) 480 026 223.

Narellan Team.
Mr Moe Momand. Mobile +61 (0)480 026 061.


Gold Coast Team.
Mr Gary Gilmore Mobile +61 (0) 480 026 073.


Doncaster Team.
Mr Marcelo Ferreyra. Mobile +61 (0) 480 025 948.

Preston Team.
Mr Dejan Pitra. Mobile +61 (0) 480 026 058.


Hobart Team.
Mr Jason Foote. Mobile +61 (0) 480 026 299.

South Australia.

Adelaide Team.
Mr Jason Foote. Mobile +61 (0) 480 026 299.

Western Australia.

Perth Team.
Mr Tim Ash. Mobile +61 (0) 480 026 230.

Each team member is nurtured with the learning of new skills, has variable conditions of employment to suit their unique needs, and revel in our supportive work environment. We also willingly assist each with maintaining a healthy balance between their work life, and their personal life. Your first meeting with a team member will surely be the beginning of a long relationship.