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Sherman Lu

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Sherman Lu - Property Investors

Surrounding Sherman Lu.
Sherman Lu acknowledges that real estate is one of the most stable investments anyone could have and an ultimate tool to achieve financial freedom. He is passionate about helping his clients navigate property investment challenges.

An acclaimed business leader, he is motivated to improve people’s lives and leave a lasting impression in real estate.

He possesses a solid awareness of the many-faceted real estate processes and an almost innate intuition for the markets, the players, and the variables in each.

As a Perspective Physiotherapist, Sherman knows that only healthy financial management within a household can provide the best treatment to their loved ones while in need.

He understands that a healthy financial status is one of the key stability factors in a family since financial stresses are the second leading cause of divorce.

With a solid educational background in the complementing fields, attaining diplomas in Event Management, Biomedical Science, and International Business, Sherman is well-versed in exceeding clients’ expectations.

Sherman is excited to share his personal experiences to enlighten others. He purchased his own property before COVID and helped other family members settle into their own properties during the pandemic.

Working with Property Investors, Sherman brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about buying, selling, and investing in real estate, acquired during his five years’ experience.

He has learned to remain resilient and determined when overseeing a sale or a purchase from start to finish.

Sherman has a tremendous passion for music, which carries him through his hard times. Music not only improves one’s mood but also fosters interpersonal relationships.

It is remarkable how beats and rhythms may cause people to connect more deeply with one another.

By working with Sherman, you will enjoy peace of mind, knowing that all the details of your investment are being taken care of by an experienced and reliable professional with your best interests at heart.

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