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Shane Shen

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Melbourne Team.

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I integrate my lifetime passion for real estate, professional background, and unyielding drive to succeed in accomplishing my clients’ goals. My strong work ethic and desire to succeed and never give up push me every day. I strive to make myself accessible to my clients whenever they need me, even if that requires working weekends and holidays or answering phone calls at night.

Inspired to achieve greatness, I do whatever has to be done to realise my clients’ dreams.

I started my career in real estate investment in 1985. I have been fortunate to learn and practise real estate through the lens of many top agents, honing my skills and expertise. I have gained a profound understanding of the investment side of real estate and have acquired excellent time and resource management skills, negotiation skills, and effective communication with vendors/ buyers to achieve an agreeable outcome.

My in-depth knowledge of Accounting gives me an insight into how the financial system works, which in turn aids in prudent decision-making for investing. The conservative nature of the accounting profession also helps me guide my clients to avoid unnecessary risks.

I am reputable for my unwavering passion, go-get-it attitude, and diligence in delivering on my mandate. My ability to listen to my clients attentively to understand their needs, my discipline to meet timelines, and my courage to articulate my thoughts make me stand out.

When I am not pursuing my clients’ goals, I am enthusiastic about Classic Car Restoration and Robotic Brick layering.

Whether you are a first-time or seasoned investor, you have a dream and are ready to make sacrifices to achieve it. I am here to help you make it a reality.

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