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Scott Linsley

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Scott Linsley - Property Investors

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My love for real estate was inspired by the nudging urge to achieve enough wealth to allow me financial security, enjoy life’s opportunities, and give back to make the world a better place. Driven by the desire to pass on good deeds and put a smile on the faces of others, I knew real estate was the right path for my career.

Guided by the saying, “Those Who Say They Can and Those Who Say They Can’t Are Both Usually Right,” I firmly believe that if you want something, you’ll work hard enough to get it. I am here to help you make it happen.

Throughout my education and professional career, I have learned financial literacy and how to connect with people. My solid foundation in economics and studies in Philosophy and Entrepreneurship allows me to understand how the financial system operates and make informed predictions for market trends.

My experience working in the Mediterranean and Caribbean as I crewed yachts and helped return a Sydney-Hobart yacht taught me the great lesson of being resilient to the end. As I represented my school and University in Soccer, Rugby Union, and Skiing, I learned to compete to win and remain focused on the goal. I am an avid reader and love to learn history.

Working with Property Investors has allowed me to appreciate their commitment to service, and I consider them an outlier in this industry. Being trustworthy and truly having the best interests of the clients at heart motivates me. I also aspire to build my own portfolio of properties and consider this an invaluable opportunity to learn from the best.

My excellent customer service, being open and honest, and always trying to achieve has allowed me to get along well with people. I have yielded excellent results and am committed to building my reputation on these values.

I believe that consistency will beat any skill. If you are passionate about building wealth through property investment and are bold and willing to seize opportunities when they arise, I am available and ready to work with you.

Contact me, and let us work to make your dream a reality.

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