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Qiang Zhang

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Sydney Team.

Surrounding Qiang Zhang.
Qiang Zhang always keeps his clients’ best interests at heart. He has a track record for matching the right people with the right investments and has gained a reputation for being a true partner in the property investment process.

While considering the expediency with which good properties are selling in today’s market, Qiang ensures his clients always feel comfortable and realize their objectives. With this approach to his business, he is glad he is helping people achieve their dreams.

Before joining real estate, Qiang worked in marketing and sales at the executive level with a cross-cultural background and provided business consulting for multinational operations for better performance by integrating organisational resources and cultural understanding.

A tactical, caring, and strategic professional, Qiang is passionate about guiding buyers, sellers, and investors through an important, emotional, and complex decision-making process. He is eager to use his skills to help find the underlining needs of his clients and match them with the best investment.

With a Master’s degree in international business and studies in China and Australia, he can work efficiently and effectively in a cross-cultural working environment. Add to his Certificate of Estate Registration and financing education from Australia, and he has gained insight into the business world and optimized business operations.

In the world of Real Estate since 2007, in and out of the industry, he has put his experience to work for all levels of investors, both local and international.

Outside work, Qiang enjoys playing tennis and communicating with people in business or leisure to exchange thoughts, ideas, and life experiences.

If you are looking to venture into property investment and are willing to listen and study, Qiang is here to help you overcome the obstacles, inspire you to succeed, pursue your dream, achieve the best outcome possible, and receive the honour.

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