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Paris Little

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Paris Little - Property Investors

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I am a highly motivated and self-driven real estate agent, committed to helping my clients achieve the goals they hold so dear.

I know first-hand the immense pressure of being in a struggling financial position and the meaning of being financially stable. I believe in the “the highest virtue is the willingness to help,” which drives my desire to help you even more.

I approach real estate with the fundamental assumption that my job is to advocate for my clients, providing superior client service.

With a career that has always revolved around service to people, my experience working in the fitness industry for over 15 years has made me very personable and elevated my customer service and ability to focus on the client’s needs and offer personalised service.

I can present information clearly and comprehend how to design the optimal path for every client in light of their objectives and demands.

I embrace the strong message and culture at property investments, growth for both the clients and the team, which is directly linked to our success and clients.

My competency lies in my attention to detail, my ability to explain & often teach complex topics in a simple & concise manner, and my ability to get on with and laugh with anyone. Honesty and clarity are my sure trademarks.

My interests are primarily personal growth, reading, meditation, healthy eating, exercising, cold exposure, and being around good people who inspire and positively challenge me. I harbor a keen interest in animal welfare.

Whether you are looking to start or expand your real estate investment, you need an agent who genuinely cares and has the strategy and tenacity to help you achieve your dreams. Contact me for the most blissful experience.

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