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Marcus Haerdin

Team Member.

Perth Team.

Surrounding Marcus Haerdin.
As a certified personal trainer, Marcus Haerdin is passionate about providing quality property investment services for his clients. He focuses on helping them accelerate wealth creation, increase their take-home income, and set themselves up for the future and retirement in a way most gen-pop had no idea was possible.

He is here to help those struggling or sceptical about joining real estate, change their demeanour from hesitant to interested, and make the whole process smooth and stress-free.

Marcus grew up knowing that saving and investing are all about putting $500 a month into a savings account with 4% interest. Inspired by the success stories of Ryan Serhant & Alex Hormozi, he made a leap into real estate with a dare-to-dream and win-it attitude. Determined to make a change in the industry, he is committed to attaining personal growth and increasing his knowledge to benefit his clients.

Besides his unmatched people skills, Marcus’ ability to get along well with different people allows him to connect easily with clients, treat them with respect and care, and go all out to offer exceptional services.

He has honed his customer service, time management, and organisational skills that help him set goals and work for successful results. His trustworthy, considerate, warm, and friendly personality attributes allow him to earn his clients’ trust and build strong, long-lasting professional relationships.

Marcus believes the right advice will enable buyers to prevail in a competitive market or sellers to achieve a timely sale with a higher-than-average sales price. Driven by the quote, “If you have the knowledge, let others light their candles in it,” he is determined to be with you before you start, during the race, and after the celebrations to support you on your subsequent journey through life. He aims to provide his clients with expert guidance to ensure resounding investment success.

Outside of real estate, Marcus is an avid home cook with a particular interest in Italian food, Mexican food, and burgers. A wine enthusiast, he is also very active in the gym and has followed the UFC closely for 15 years.

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