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Julianne Fanning

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I specialise in all facets of real estate, including buying and selling real estate and property investment. I am passionate about meeting new people, sharing knowledge, improving the lives of my clients by helping them find properties that bring them joy and fulfilment, and succeeding in building their wealth.

Above all, I strive to be a reliable partner, friend, and advocate for my clients, going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure their needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

Working in the high-profile environment at Property Investors, I have gained priceless experience, and exceptional leadership skills, and perfected the art of negotiation. I understand the value of a real estate investment in a way few can articulate, using my uncanny intuition to maximise returns for my clients.

Because my highest priority is protecting my buyers and sellers, I treat the full escrow process as a continuous negotiation in which I never stop working for my clients.

I attribute my success to my effective working relationships with my clients, being empathetic and affable.

My priority is always open, honest communication about my clients’ needs and lifestyles. Finding the right property or selling a home has its rewards, but for me, a life-long relationship with a client brings me genuine personal satisfaction.

I am gratified that my clients put their trust in me and that I did it my way and helped them achieve their dreams and make a difference.

When I am not busy pursuing my clients’ goals, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, feeding the farm animals, interviewing Al Pacino, travelling, and reading to keep up with ever-changing market trends.

For me, it’s not only about closing deals but also the outstanding experience I offer my clients in their quest to turn their real estate dreams into reality.

Give me a call today; I will love to work with you!

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