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Jarrad McEvoy

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Jarrad McEvoy - Property Investors

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As a dedicated property investment expert, I am passionate about providing a stress-free experience when helping clients build wealth through property and create financial freedom.

I have over 18 years of extensive knowledge of investing in real estate, having started in 1985, Investing myself at a young age, I have created a multi-million-dollar property Portfolio that has set up a foundation for my life. I have a track record of assisting others in purchasing property and using it as a vehicle to create wealth.

Besides my passion for service, my unmatched attention to detail makes me an invaluable resource for clients with property investment needs. As a proud member of the Property Investors Vision and Values family, I carry the values of hard work, integrity, and exceptional client care into everything I do.

I utilise the tools Property Investors provide to help people achieve financial success, as I also learn from my contemporaries and hone my skills.

With my clients’ best interests in mind, I approach every process with professionalism, dedication, and outstanding client service to secure the best possible outcome.

I provide clear and regular communication at each stage of the process to give my clients confidence and comfort for effective decision-making.

Witnessing the overwhelming joy of my clients after a successful journey is the best moment of my life. My client relationship does not end at closing but continues far past that into a mutually beneficial partnership.

When I am not making property ownership dreams come true for my clients, I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and being out in nature. I also enjoy sports, building wealth toward achieving early retirement, and, most importantly, family.

If you’re considering investing in properties or are curious about your property’s value in the current market, I would love to schedule an in-person or virtual consultation.

Contact me today for the most memorable experience!

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