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Elle Deudney

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Elle Deudney - Property Investors

Surrounding Elle Deudney.
Elle Monique Deudney grew up thinking that saving and investing were the knowledge the wealthy held and wanted to get. She spent the first five years of her career in sales, where she discovered her interest in wealth and personal development.

This aspect informed her next cause of action: educating herself to help others. Her ability to create generational wealth for her family and others inspires her.

As a Certified life coach and sales & performance coach, Elle has helped many businesses increase their revenue through sales coaching with their teams. She has also helped many people build strategies to achieve their goals in life and has seen them through via life coaching.

She has an impressive track record of winning in multiple-offer situations and fights for her client’s best deals and outcomes.

However, she never sacrifices integrity, always acting with the utmost dignity and honesty.

Highly regarded by her clients for being very informative and resourceful and for her excellent communication skills, Elle takes time to understand her clients’ dreams and visions fully and is an expert at navigating through potential Real Estate challenges.

Furthermore, she knows how to bring buyers and sellers together and strives to create win-win real estate transactions for parties on all sides of every transaction.

She is proud that they feel very comfortable working with her, and she built long-lasting relationships with them.

Elle believes that it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey. She is excited and honored to help young families who have a mortgage and want to invest in property to start their journey of generational wealth.

She will draw on her rare combination of intuition, creativity, and sharp business skills to close deals consistently.

Her clients will find a reliable advisor and ally to walk with them from start to closing.

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