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Dejan Pitra

Executive Manager.

Brisbane Team.

Dejan Pitra - Property Investors

Surrounding Dejan Pitra.
As a real estate agent, I am a golden teacher for inspiration, positivity, influence, and moving people to transform. I stand out for my strong willpower and dedication in guiding my clients to achieve their real estate investment goals.

I know the challenges of real estate and seek to shoulder the burden and make the process stress-free, rewarding, and financially satisfying. My clients are my priority, and I am determined to walk with them from our first meeting to settlement and create in them a memorable experience.

Having ran a successful travel team in Brisbane, finishing in the top 5 of Flight Centre Aust. in 2017. The experience and exposure equipped me with the organizational, customer service, problem-solving, logistic, and time management skills essential for successful real estate transactions. I also developed a strong work ethic and the ability to network and work in collaboration for joint success.

I nurtured my love for real estate as I grew up around it, learning valuable lessons from my family members in the business.

My educational background in the multidisciplinary and complementing fields of real estate sales, banking & finance, tourism, and music production & management makes my understanding of real estate go beyond buying and selling.

My services are firmly anchored on the core values of professionalism, client loyalty, and customer satisfaction. Clients get a hand to hold them through the process, negotiating the best terms and keeping them informed of market conditions before, during, and after the transactions.

As a tireless advocate for my clients, I am proud that I am transforming and making a difference in people’s lives by connecting them to excellent real estate investment opportunities. Knowing I’m doing a great job makes me feel this is where I belong.

I believe “life is like a bicycle. It needs to be balanced to keep moving forward,” I look to build a long-term relationship with my clients as I help them build long-term wealth through property investing.

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