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David Harper

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David Harper - Property Investors

Surrounding David Harper.
As a Real Estate Professional with ambition, dedication, and superb customer service, I have earned myself a reputation as a seasoned industry leader.

I cherish the opportunity to help people make the most of what they have and the opportunities they have.

My property investments have provided passive income, making work optional, and I am proud of the investment goals I have reached until now.

I am committed to assisting others to invest in property and set themselves up to be financially secure in the future.

My love for helping people who are keen to help themselves, act, and make decisions to secure and take charge and responsibility for their future is second to none.

Over my seven years in the real estate industry, I have garnered all-encompassing property investment experience. My career in sales, both in real estate and other products, has given me a lot of satisfaction.

Even more, I love the opportunity to meet people and sell products that fill their needs.

I am often complimented on being good with numbers and math and deducing risk and reward outcomes. Above all, I pride myself on my personable, service-oriented approach during every transaction and attribute it to my extensive Business Management background.

Besides my skills and passion for real estate, I have traveled extensively and spent time living in several other countries. I enjoy meeting and talking to people from different backgrounds and cultures.

From first-time property investors to seasoned investors who want to outsource the headache of their next ‘set and forget’ investment property purchase, I am here for you as your trusted real estate resource.

When taking time out, I enjoy going outside, looking at the beauty of nature, and feeling the warm sunshine on sunny days.

I am enthusiastic about weight training and bodybuilding and would love to learn and practice boxing and wrestling in the future.

As a coffee connoisseur, I like to work outside in the garden and exercise outside in the sunshine first thing in the morning.

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