Negative Gearing

A natural part of life for smart Australian Property Investors.

The Advantages & Disadvantages of Negative Gearing in Australia.

There is a lot of confusion as to what Negative Gearing actually is, how it works, who benefits and why.

We help you to better understand the concept of Negative Gearing so that you can make an informed decision.

Negative gearing occurs when an investor borrows funds to acquire any assets but the return on the investment fails to exceed the cost of borrowings. It is a leveraged form of investment to help general people be an active part of the growing real estate industry.

We help you to hold your investment property for its value to appreciate so that when the time is right your investment can be directed to generate high capital gain in short span of time.

You may be able to claim some added tax deduction benefits with respect to:

  • Purchase Costs.
  • Loan application fee.
  • Property valuation fee.
  • Other expense related to the property purchase.

Depreciation Includes:

  • Investment property building costs (2.5% pa over 40 years)
  • Permanent fixtures and fitting
  • Furniture’s for tenants.
  • Other depreciable items allowed


  • Interest paid on your investment loan
  • Real Estate Agent’s property management fees.
  • Travel to inspect property locations.
  • Body corporate fees.
  • Other property related expenses.

At Property Investors, we help you to maintain a negative gearing tax potential so that you can afford your dream investment. In other words, you pay less than 25% of the expenses and the rest is paid by both the taxman and the tenants.

Negative Gearing Explained

We've created a Negative Gearing Calculator to help you see the potential tax benefits and cash flow projection of a negatively geared residential investment property

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Negative Gearing made easy, understandable and Tax Effective

Negative Gearing Explained
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