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The horrible truth is that retirement is coming as a nasty surprise to many people these days. It’s no longer so easy to live off whatever money selling the family home makes you, and superannuation doesn’t stretch that far. Forget about leaving something for the kids. After all those years of hard work, there’s got to be a half-way point between work and savings.

Luckily, there is – investment income. Property investment can be the pathway to a regular income for investors who plan and build their portfolio carefully.

Recommended Learning

You’re probably already nurturing your retirement nest egg. Wouldn’t you like to feather your nest as well? Growing your portfolio to do both is entirely possible.

The key phrase here is ‘wealth building.’ While others are concentrating on making one or two properties work as investments, your portfolio should have a growth focus. Educating yourself on the mechanics of investment is invaluable in making the most of your opportunities, and you can access important information on our Resources page.



Not all investments are equal, and it’s important to know the different types of investment opportunities out there. Owned investments, such as shares, real estate and precious objects, often provide greater returns than other investments. Lending investments, which are things like bank bonds or interest on savings accounts, pay out lower returns. You can find out more about the different investment opportunities here.


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Setting yourself up to benefit from investment income is very different from other types of investment. It’s important to get the support of a professional you can trust.

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