Investment Properties in Brisbane

Investment property options for everyone - from first home buyers to seasoned investors


Savvy investors, with a finger on the pulse, have been eyeing the Brisbane property market as the next major growth opportunity in Australia.

...and there's plenty of evidence to suggest they might just be right.

Brisbane sports a wonderful lifestyle with so much growth.

Take the Gold Coast for example. A relaxing one-hour drive south of Brisbane, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole country – that's got to be attractive for anyone who loves catching the sun and a wave.

Both property investors and owner-occupiers are rejoicing at the current state of the Brisbane market. It's popular, but significantly cheaper than Sydney. With a huge number of sales happening, the appetite for buying is ripe.

Investment Properties in Brisbane - Poised for a Breakout?

From an investment properties strategy perspective, Brisbane is going from strength to strength and, according to a CommSec State of the States report report from earlier in May (2016), suggestions are that this is going to continue.

CoreLogic RP Data states that the median dwelling value in Brisbane is $528,610, while Sydney is significantly higher at $955,290. However, over the past three months, the median value of dwellings that have actually been sold is well below that figure at $465,000 – even Sydney is down on the monthly figure with $780,000.

The market in Sydney has long been leading the pack for Australia – as the centre of so many businesses in the country, it drew a lot of people in, and then expanded rapidly.

Similarly, Melbourne is currently going through a large period of its own growth, although with an already heightened median home value, there isn't much more room to increase rapidly in the next few months on the same scale because of consumer pressures holding it at a reasonable level.

The investment property market in Brisbane is surely next – it offers a fantastic lifestyle with so many of the same luxuries that are found in the previous two cities, but for a fraction of the price.

Where to Find Brisbane's Best Investment Properties

With beautiful Bayside locations overlooking Moreton Bay, easy access to quality schools, shops and weekend markets aplenty, Brisbane caters to all interests while providing a safe and friendly living experience.

Residential properties near the heart of the city often provide the best opportunities for investors because there will always be plenty of demand.

Locations near the financial district, downtown areas and the waterfront should often present higher than average returns. You may pay more upfront, but you can charge higher rents and will have an easier time finding tenants quickly when you put the apartment or the house on the market.

What Type of Property to Buy

Homes or apartments that might need a lot of renovation can quickly turn into money pits that suck down huge amounts of cash.

Make your Brisbane investment property buy a "turnkey unit" - one that is ready for immediate tenancy. In fact, we recommend that you purchase in a new building so you can be certain that you won’t be inheriting anyone else’s problems or any hidden damage.

Astute property investors always take time to do the research so they can be confident that they're getting access to the best possible deals on the market.

It is likely that Gen Y will be among key renters, so suburbs with a good transport option and an inviting cafe culture, or even an emerging one, will appeal to younger tenants.

For around $480,000, it is still possible to buy an entry level three-bedroom weatherboard home in Carina and earn a rental yield of about 5% within a 10km radius of Brisbane.

Investment properties in Brisbane - perfect lifestyle

Making the Right Property Investment Decisions

At Property Investors, we offer a variety of investment options in this exciting city, from buying a house and land package to building a brand new home.

We are able to take care of the entire deal for you and, whether you live in the home or rent it out, it will be an excellent investment.

When it comes to residential investment properties in Brisbane, speak to one of our Brisbane-based property specialists who will make sure you get all the relevant and necessary property market information in order to make an informed decision.