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There is a formula for highly effective property investing and at Property Investors we don't just teach it, we make wealth through property happen for you.


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Success and wealth are not achieved by accident.

From your very first contact, Property Investors works for your best interest.

About Property Investors

Proudly one of the most trusted names in wealth creation in Australia and always happy to demonstrate to you how we earned this honour.

At Property Investors the team is characterised by personal, friendly and professional property investment specialists by some of the brightest minds in the industry.

We apply the wealth of our knowledge and the experience of our large, integrated property group to achieve the best outcomes for you.

When you engage Property Investors, you get a foundation for wealth creation on which all your future property and financial service transactions can be built. Importantly, all with independent expert advice.

Pivotal to all our dealings is a commitment to honouring the values of integrity and excellence. That's how we keep our long-term repeat clients happy and coming back for more.

Trust your most valued property business to Property Investors.

Australian Property Investment Specialists

Experience the difference of a no pressure environment. It is completely your choice to proceed with our investment suggestions.

Our Business is Developing Your Wealth

Whenever you invest in property it is important that the purchase decision is one that you will be entirely happy with.

Unfortunately, many property investors inadvertently make costly errors when purchasing property but discover this when it is too late.

  • Picking the wrong type of property – which won’t generate satisfactory returns
  • Investing in an inappropriate location – often where the rental market is already over-supplied or there’s little demand for rental properties
  • Relying on poor guidance that is quite often biased towards a sale instead of building your wealth
  • Becoming fixed into a property that often does not match the bank price value standards
  • Falling victim to sales hype as well as overly ambitious marketing propaganda.

At Property Investors, we want you to make the right choice - the choice that fits perfectly with your lifestyle and life objectives.

The way in which we help you build wealth is based on a well-defined and time-tested formula.

We don't sell investments that have a wonderful sales story but no sound financial investment strategy. That's because the success of our business is based on the strength of our clients' referrals and testimonials.

To sustain that, we make sure that every property sold to every client, is a perfect fit!

Once you take the initial step to meet with a Property Investor specialist agent, you'll see a real difference.

Our advice is completely obligation free. We will tell you all the things you need to know about personal property investing, including a detailed cash flow report to help you understand if property investing is the right way for you to create wealth.

Being guided by one of our Property Investment Agents means you avoid all the mistakes others make and only get the great wealth building results you want.

Your Ideal Investment Property

At Property Investors, the team concentrates on identifying investment properties that are compatible with your desired specific objectives, timeline and budget.

We only advocate a property to you if our own findings demonstrate it appeals to both you (the investor) and your future renters – this means you get top notch potential tenants and maximise your capital gain.

A large number of the properties we recommend are typically not available to the public (you won't find them on RealEstate.com.au or in the newspapers). They are all selected for their prime locations across the country.

When we advocate a property that suits your circumstances, we supply all supporting research and a comprehensive cash flow analysis which allows you to make an educated decision.

Our mission is to help Australians achieve wealth goals; securely through property.

We provide you all the support you need to build a lasting investment property portfolio.

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Aaaah. Retirement

Investing in the right property could be your key to a successful retirement.

At Property Investors we set out to create a range of property investment options so that you can plan for a financially secure future.

We'll help you by providing excellent customer service and expert advice with strategic property selection, acquisition and management of your investment property portfolio.

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"Information was well organised and presented. Professional and personal service from start to finish. Always available to advise and queries followed up without delay. Overall - Excellent. Do it while you can!”

A. Dunbar ,Mandurah, Western Australia

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